Week 11: April 21, 2016

Topic: Ethics in/and/of Scientific Communication, led by Dr. Julie Simpson, Director of UNH Research Integrity Services. Homework: Review International Council for Science (ICSU) Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CRFS) Advisory Note: ICSU_Sci_Commn_Adv_Note_Dec2010 2. Select and look through one of the following cases. Identify and briefly explain the ethical issue(s) related to scientific […]

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Week 10: April 14, 2016

Topic: Open science continued: open data, open resources, open software, open peer review   Part 1: How to choose where to submit your manuscript Homework from last class: Come up with a list of two or three possible venues for your paper (actual or eventual); for each, supply (1) justification (why send it here?), (2) list […]

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Week 9: April 7, 2016

Topic: Where to publish, including discussion of open access. Part 1: How to choose where to submit your manuscript. The homework assignment for this week was to ask your advisor where s/he prefers to publish, and where you ought to submit your work – and why. Besides asking your advisor, you can find critical information […]

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Week 8: March 31, 2016

This week’s guests: Tom Cronin and Mica Stark, the Government Relations team in the UNH President’s Office. Their plan: We’ll start with a quick overview of our backgrounds and what we do for UNH.  Then we’ll dive into two examples of that work on the state level, and two examples on the federal level.  Following that, […]

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Week 7: March 24, 2016

Topics: (1) Outreach and broader impacts; (2) Visual communication. Homework: Bring to class… (1) one printed copy of a (ballpark) 500-word scientific description of your research – written for other scientists, though not necessarily people in your exact area. It is OK to use technical terms, but make sure to define anything that’s really specific to […]

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Week 6: March 10, 2016

Topic: Science and/in the media. Guest presenter and resource: Beth Potier, UNH Communications and Public Affairs. (We’ll also discuss the homework from last week, so please make sure to do it before Thursday – see previous post.)  Beth’s recommendations: How to pitch a reporter: http://www.scilogs.com/communication_breakdown/pio-how-to-pitch/ More pitching tips: http://www.scilogs.com/communication_breakdown/more-pitching-tips/ Bad science pitches: http://www.scilogs.com/communication_breakdown/bad-science-pitches/ Here is the homepage for […]

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