pre-Week 1 assignment

Dear LSA950 students,

As we’ll be using blogs as journals of our contributions and interactions, please send me, by tomorrow (Tues 1/29):

1) your preferred email for communication for this course
2) your preferred username / blogname (the same usually).

When I activate your site, which will be you’ll receive instructions to login and customize your blog. Your first order of business will be to:

1) Create and customize your blog. Be sure to take advantage of the help links ( if you are confused.

2) Edit your “Hello world” post, in which you:

a. Introduce yourself: your program, career ambitions, why you’re taking this course, whether/how you use web or social media for your research, and what you hope most to learn.

b. a list of examples/modes of scientific communication from your field that you admire. Take advantage of the blog to share URL’s, images, content, etc.

Thank you,
Vaughn and Jessica


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