Week 3

Dear all,

To avoid further delay, here’s the assignment for next week. Consider #scicomm (and figure out what that means) in three ways:

1) Consumption of scientific information

2) Sharing/Discussion of scientific information

3) Production and distribution of scientific communication

In your post this week, please name and link at least one favorite vehicle for each, and discuss why. As you consider this, if you think “I wish there was a site/place/medium that did X, Y, or Z,” please articulate this longing.

In addition, please:

1. Read: http://www.microbe.net/2013/02/06/content-is-king-part-1-social-media-strategies-according-to-evan-bailyn/ (from recent UNH postdoc Holly Bik)

*there will be more to come here, stay tuned.

2. Consider: Up Goer Your Ph.D.

3. Identify a traditional publishing source or two that has transformed their style to accomodate new media or broaden the accessibility of content (think summaries in simpler language).


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