Week 4: understanding and editing your online persona

Who are you out there? Recognizing and developing your online persona.

The increasing professional and scientific role of the online universe makes it critical to know how you appear in that universe.  Potential future collaborators, employers , reviewers, students, and others can – and will – check you out online, and what they see is important.  For next week, check out who you are online, and think about whether and how you might want to work on your online persona http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona .  When you’re done, summarize in a blog post.


1. Search for yourself. What tools did you use? Where did you look? Why?

2. What did you find? Were there any surprises? (Good or bad….)

3. What would you like to change, and how might you work on that?

For reference, consider:




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