Agenda for Mar 6 class (and a bit beyond)

Fellow #scicomm students,

Tomorrow, Beth Potier from UNH Media Relations will be joining us to discuss her experiences as a public information officer for COLSA, among many other things.  In advance she’s provided a great deal of helpful material from colleagues on related topics, which are now posted in Lectures.

In advance of her arrival, we’ll use the first 30 minutes to introduce our plans for the Outreach project that was assigned last week.

So, come prepared!

Preview of the following class (3/20, after break): topic =  the politics and economics of scientific publishing/communication – both are complex, and powerful influences. We (VC and JAB) will provide some readings ahead of time (we’ll let you know when they’re up); in your post for the week you can share your initial thoughts about them, as well as additional resources that you’ve found.


5 thoughts on “Agenda for Mar 6 class (and a bit beyond)

  1. Just to let you know, Helen and I will both miss class the week following spring break. We’ll be in Georgia at the Benthic Ecology Meeting.


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