What’s happening for the rest of the semester

The following schedule also resides on the Syllabus page, and will be updated with relevant links as we post them. 

Week 8 – 3/27 – Ethical issues: Dr. Julie Simpson

                        Due this week (post): response to case studies, Qs for Julie/discussion

                        Next assignment: by Monday 4/1, post progress so far on visual communication project, including comments and – especially – Qs or challenges; we’ll ask next week’s guests to look over your posts before they come. You should also look at and comment on each other’s.

Week 9 – 4/3Frankel and DePace visit. This will be a special 3-hour (2×80 minutes) class, held in DeMeritt 240. Do your best to be there the whole time, and also strongly consider attending the public seminar from 4-5 pm. Please help spread the word about the public seminar, and invite your advisors, colleagues, and others who may be interested: share this link with them.

Week 10 – 4/10 — Roundtable: progress/work session on outreach projects, for those who are not participating in the NSF communication workshop.

                        Start with: Why be together in a classroom? (quick, around room)

                        Brief live presentations (5 min each!), including:

                        – who (audience); what (topic); why (motivation); how (mode)

                        – what you’ve done so far

                        – challenges, where you want help/feedback

            Start discussion about how to use remaining two class sessions/continue online

            Assignment: post (as comment on the main blog page) your priorities/preferences for what to do in the next 2 classes

Week 11 – 4/17 – TBD based on student interests/priorities

Week 12 –  4/24 – TBD based on student interests/priorities

Week 13 –  5/1 – Last class. DEBRIEF. Post beforehand about what you think you’ve gotten out of the course, what you didn’t get that you wish you had, suggestions for next time….


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