What’s next

Remember you can always check this post for what’s happening next. (The complete syllabus is also posted.)

This coming week, April 10, we’ll be doing two things in class:

1. Short progress reports on outreach projects so far – this is a chance to get help, feedback, and input live and in person.

2. Starting the conversation about how you’d like to spend the next two classes (April 17 and 24). Check out survey results so far.

What you need to do:

1. Keep working on your outreach project

2. Provide feedback and ideas via the anonymous survey (if you haven’t already)

3. Work on catching up with any assignments you may have missed

PS: In preparing for my own talk next week, I (Vaughn) took the advice of my friend and read his recommended book for oral presentations (Resonate, by Elizabeth Duarte). It’s available online free through the UNH library, using their “ebrary” reader. I (Vaughn) highly recommend it. We may use some lessons from this book as the topic for a remaining class.


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