Assignment and plan for April 17: the (in)credible shrinking research blurb

What to do before class:

1. Read Gopen & Swan’s classic article “The Science of Scientific Writing

2. Write a 2-paragraph (maximum) scientific description of your own research – for other scientists, though not necessarily ones in your exact area. It is OK to use technical terms, but define anything that’s really specific to your field. Do the best you can, but don’t stress too much: this text will serve as a first draft, not a final version.

This will be the starting point for our in-class work on 4/17, and also for a grantwriting exercise on 4/24.

3. Print two copies of your research blurb to bring to class.

4. Preview the shrinking research blurb assignment:

The (in)credible shrinking research blurb activity

What we’ll do in class:

– Review protocol for shrinking research blurb assignment

– Do it

– Debrief it

Then add Gopen:

– Review principles/what people got out of it

– Try applying them to the successive redactions of your own research blurb.


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