Plans for last class, May 1 – bring questions (and food)

1. Course/teaching evaluations: we’ll give you about 15 minutes to do these, and hope you will offer detailed comments and feedback as well as fill in the bubbles.

2. Breakout session #1: choose either…

a. Twitter (leaders: Vaughn, Kenny)

b. Outreach in schools/communicating with lay audiences (leader: Jessica)

3. Breakout session #2: choose either…

a. Using blogs for outreach and enhancing your visibility (leader: Vaughn)

b. Using graphics online and elsewhere (leaders: Jessica, Claire)

4. Planning the next step: matching up in person what you want to learn, and who can help you; potentially planning a next meeting to work on the collaborative website Kenny proposed, help each other out with graphics, or whatever people want to do…maybe an occasional meeting over coffee or ice-cream this summer?  I’ve learned a ton about online communication this semester, but it doesn’t replace in-person collaboration (or ice cream).

ice cream


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