Week 1 assignment

SciComm assignment #1: Draft your agenda for this semester.

What is this?

A 1-page document in which you describe some piece of scientific communication you want to focus on as your “scale-up” project in this class, and how you’re going to tackle it. The idea is to leverage the tools and opportunities offered by this course to accomplish something that will be useful to you in your own research or other work, well after the end of this course.

Such as what??

These are some possibilities – certainly not the only ones!

• a blog about your research

• a set of visual tools for communicating your research

• an outreach project, e.g. presentation at schools or other community venues, writing            pieces for local media

• a professional/project webpage for yourself

• a media kit to support broader understanding of your research

Good things to include in your draft agenda:

• the main thing you want to do

• why you want to do it

• outcomes, or what you want to get out of the project (professional visibility, better communication with stakeholders, new technical skills, graphics you can use in future presentations, engagement with the public, ….)

• audience: whom you’re trying to reach

• how you will share your work – that is, how to get it in front of your audience(s)

• things you know you need to learn, in order to accomplish your goal

What to do:

• draft a 1-page description for the semester, headed by your proposed goal

• bring 2 printed copies to class next week to swap/discuss

This is just an initial draft. You may want to adjust it based on conversations with colleagues next Wednesday, and there will be a chance to revisit the whole thing around midterm. Moreover, as we go along you may discover something new that you want to try out (for instance, maybe you’ve never blogged about your research before, but once you start, you’re hooked…).

One more thing…

Please read An Introduction to Social Media by Scientists, co-authored by a former UNH postdoc.


3 thoughts on “Week 1 assignment

  1. Trying out the technology here…..and I have a question:
    I noticed an interesting article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed recently, “”What’s the point of academic publishing?”
    Is this something that ought to be posted on this blog?…..Or ought I post it my own blog if I wanted to share it?
    If the former, how do I do my own post rather than just leaving a comment?
    Muchas gracias.


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