Plan and homework for session on writing 4/16

Here’s what you need to do for class tomorrow. I apologize for the short notice – but on the good side, this shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so to prepare.

This will be a low-tech, screen-free class. Please do not bring your laptop or tablet. Please DO bring paper, a writing implement, and printed copies of your handout (see below). If you are recommending a book, bring that along too.

Each member of the class should prepare a one-page handout containing the following:

  • Your name
  • Three or more writing resources or strategies that you find helpful, with a sentence or two for each explaining why you recommend it. These could be books, papers, apps, web sites, behaviors, or anything else. Please include the complete reference or URL so others can find them.
  • One or more questions or challenges you face in getting your own writing done

This probably won’t fill a whole page, but that’s fine: we’ll want space for notes.

Bring 11 printed copies of your handout to class. If you have time to do the photocopying yourself, use the code 95013 on the Rudman first floor copier. If you don’t have time, then email me (Jessica) a copy of your handout by 11 a.m. Wednesday and I’ll do it.

Illustration of a Hand Writing with a Quill Pen



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