Followup info from 2/25/16 class

Yes, grad students can get UNH business cards. Here is the form: UNH_studentbusinesscardsorderform

Conference/travel support through Biological Sciences: per current handbook,

The program has some funds available to support student travel. The student needs to submit a formal request to the Chair, detailing what meeting they are planning on attending and when the meeting is, if they are presenting a poster or giving a talk, and a solid estimate of costs for meals, housing, etc. The Program will help pay for travel only if a student presents a poster or gives a talk — not if they are only attending the meeting. In 2015, support for travel is up to $250.  Students can request this once a fiscal year.

Here is a super-helpful comparison of website platforms, for those of you considering launching your own site.

How can you tell if it is OK to use an image (without breaking copyright laws)? I like this infographic: it’s funny and also informative; this post has some useful guidance and a list of links to sources of images that are free to use.



2 thoughts on “Followup info from 2/25/16 class

  1. Here are my discovered sources of funding for research conferences:

    1. The company of biologists- support meetings, professional workshops and conferences around the world for benefiting biological sciences. Up to 2500 euros can be granted to off-set travel and expenses with no restrictions.

    2. Ta Liang Memorial Award- Pertinent to remote sensing, this travel grant allots up to $2,000 to graduate students members of ASPRS for travel and expenses in regards to their research program needs/ benefits.

    3. Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund Travel Grant- Awards $500 by NASA to students at all levels to present at meetings in aerospace or engineering related fields. (Student must present their research)


  2. Here’s what I’ve found so far:
    1. The Raymond F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding at Iowa State offers $250 + hotel costs to 2 students to attend and present at the Raymond F. Baker Plant Breeding Symposium.

    2. UC Davis offers 5 $500 travel grants to students to present their research at the annual UC Davis Plant Breeding Symposium in April.

    3. University of Minnesota is offering travel grants (unknown amount) to students who want to attend and present their research at the annual UM Plant Sciences Symposium in April.

    No kidding about looking 6 months ahead!!


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