WEEK 5 – March 3, 2016

Homework for this week – share a blog that is meaningful to you.

For example:

Great blogs on early career research, work-life balance, women in science, etc.: https://tenureshewrote.wordpress.com,  SASconfidential, a math-focused one, Hope Jahren.

Blogs covering a range of interesting topics, from scicomm to career issues to teaching challenges and resources: violent metaphors, smallpondscience, Colin Purrington (check out his “geeky tips” – really useful), Molecular Ecologist (nice “how-to” section – largely focused on techniques in R), pharyngula

Scienceblogs: just what it sounds like, a compilation of science blogs (choose your favorite category)





7 thoughts on “WEEK 5 – March 3, 2016

  1. Before starting the discussion on scientific blogs I had never even thought about this medium as a method for communicating profound and innovative advances in the various fields of science (for my needs remote sensing and geospatial analysis). Through my search I have found 2 blogs focusing on remote sensing that I will continue to explore as a new and exciting tool for keeping current in my scientific field.

    1. http://veryspatial.com/
    This blog includes weekly podcast (now on episode 539!) that analyzes geospatial concepts currently being developed and also how geospatial analysis is interjected in current events.

    2. http://spatiallyadjusted.com/
    This is a personal blog run buy a GIS IT Professional who continually debugs and assess the use of ArcGIS both individually and in conjunction with other common software packages.


  2. I recently found this blog, The Tree of Life, and it covers a surprising variety of topics in biological sciences. I mostly check it for microbiology or taxonomy-related updates they have, but they also often have posts about life in research and sciences (like concerns about conferences, paper-writing, diversity in science, etc), which I also really enjoy reading about (http://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/).

    Also, it’s slightly less of a blog and more of a science website, but The Artful Amoeba is also pretty cool with current updates in science (http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/artful-amoeba/).


  3. Post from Meg Ange:

    I found a blog (http://steminist.com/) that I really liked! It’s written by women in STEM fields: advice as to how to get there, what to when faced with gender bias, and resources for further contact if you’d like advice in the field. I enjoyed reading several of the archived blogs. They seemed incredibly helpful for women very early on in their STEM careers.


  4. I follow this blog on open source geospatial innovations in QGIS:

    Awareness of new geospatial technologies, applications, and processing techniques is half the battle in a field that is rapidly expanding. Blogs and twitter are an essential way to become aware of these advances.


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