Week 7: March 24, 2016

Topics: (1) Outreach and broader impacts; (2) Visual communication.

Homework: Bring to class…

(1) one printed copy of a (ballpark) 500-word scientific description of your research – written for other scientists, though not necessarily people in your exact area. It is OK to use technical terms, but make sure to define anything that’s really specific to your field. Don’t stress too much: this text will serve as a starting point for an in-class activity, not a final version.

(2) two printed copies of a rough sketch of a visual representation of some aspect of your work (image, graphic, chart, whatever), to discuss and workshop in class: as with writing, getting other people’s feedback can be immensely helpful in learning how to communicate more effectively.

Recommended reading/resources on visual communication:

Thing Explainer – Randall Munro. (on reserve in Dimond Library for this class)

Visual strategies : a practical guide to graphics for scientists & engineers – Felice Frankel and Angela DePace (in Dimond)

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations, Beautiful Evidence, etc. by Edward Tufte. (in Dimond)

Vitruvian rat by Phil Disley
Visual representation of an epistemological strategy: the use of model organisms (Phil Disley’s illustration for Bolker 2012 paper)



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