Week 8: March 31, 2016

This week’s guests: Tom Cronin and Mica Stark, the Government Relations team in the UNH President’s Office.

Their plan:
We’ll start with a quick overview of our backgrounds and what we do for UNH.  Then we’ll dive into two examples of that work on the state level, and two examples on the federal level.  Following that, we’ll spend a couple minutes on a few of our best practices and suggestions, then open it up to questions.

Your homework: please look over the following before class.

• Two state legislative issues: :  SB 320 and HB 1558 . Click on the bill number to go to the full text.
A note on reading them: for SB320, the text that is bold/italics would be new law.  The text in standard font is existing law.  In the case of HB 1558, that would all be new law.

• At the Federal level, we will talk about UNH’s work on Sexual Assault Prevention and the federal budget process.

• Finally, follow this link  for a couple of best practices guides we’ll refer to.


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