WEEK 5 – March 3, 2016

Homework for this week – share a blog that is meaningful to you. For example: Great blogs on early career research, work-life balance, women in science, etc.: https://tenureshewrote.wordpress.com,  SASconfidential, a math-focused one, Hope Jahren. Blogs covering a range of interesting topics, from scicomm to career issues to teaching challenges and resources: violent metaphors, smallpondscience, Colin Purrington (check out […]

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Followup info from 2/25/16 class

Yes, grad students can get UNH business cards. Here is the form: UNH_studentbusinesscardsorderform Conference/travel support through Biological Sciences: per current handbook, The program has some funds available to support student travel. The student needs to submit a formal request to the Chair, detailing what meeting they are planning on attending and when the meeting is, if […]

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Week 4 – Feb. 25, 2016

Main topic: Conferences and networking. Why do it, how to do it, and how to pay for it (see links below). Also: share and discuss SciComm project ideas (not your research project, but the project you’ll do in this class that will help you advance your research). Homework (due on 2/25): draft a description/overview of […]

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Week 3 – Feb. 18, 2016

Two things going on in class this week: Review of peer review: compare peer reviews with others who examined the same paper; debrief and discuss the process. (By the way, here is some excellent guidance for constructing a careful and useful review.) At 10:30, Myles Lynch from the UNH Grad School will join us to explain, and […]

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Week 1 – Feb 2, 2016

Syllabus and working schedule for the semester posted here. Homework Assignments: 1) Draft a one paragraph summary of your background, research interests and current project. 2) Google yourself – who are you? What pages, picture info come up on page 1, 2, 10 of your first and last name search? Do you have an online presence […]

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