Reading for week 7, Economics/Politics/Impact of Academic Publishing

WestEtAl10CRL J. D. West, T. C. Bergstrom, and C. T. Bergstrom, 2010. The Eigenfactor MetricsTM: A network approach to assessing scholarly journals College and Research Libraries 71:236-244
Several of the posts by Michael Eisen ( on open access. He’s a founder of PLoS. I recommend some of his older analyses (however profane) about the bills introduced indirectly by Elsevier. – basic info, advocacy, and convenient action links; geared to students (and profs)

Writings by Peter Suber (Harvard Open Access Project, SPARC):, – HOAP includes specific recommendations for university policies,


Budapest OA initiative: lots of details (dense reading), lots of history

Visit to view other papers by Bergstrom et al. on this topic.

Video from Jorge Cham and Jonathan Eisen on Open Access:

Reading for week 2, Collaboration:

Birney, E. 2012. “Lessons from big data projects.” Nature 489:49-51

Markin, K. 2005. “So happy together” (career advice for scientists). Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/22/2005.

TeamScience_FieldGuide (NIH workshop notes on collaboration; very long, but worth skimming)

There is also a pdf copy of a piece by Jane Maienschein, “Why collaborate?” in “Assignments” section to protect copyright.

Relevant modules from UNH RCR training site: You’ve probably already done these, but consider where they intersect with issues related to collaboration….

Collaborative research

Data management


Week 1 Links

Blogging 101:

Overview, from WordPress (definitions and explanations of blogs, RSS, wikis, etc. – not technical details of how to do them)

A collaborative research template from NIH: CollaborativeAgreementTemplate

Copyrighted material

is found here:  Assignments


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