Week 11: April 21, 2016

Topic: Ethics in/and/of Scientific Communication, led by Dr. Julie Simpson, Director of UNH Research Integrity Services.


  1. Review International Council for Science (ICSU) Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CRFS) Advisory Note: ICSU_Sci_Commn_Adv_Note_Dec2010

2. Select and look through one of the following cases. Identify and briefly explain the ethical issue(s) related to scientific communication in the case, which we will discuss in class.


2009 earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy and subsequent trial of Italian seismologists

Andrew Wakefield and MMR vaccine

Michael LaCour (http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/04/how-the-michael-lacour-scandal-got-a-happy-ending.html)

Related links and resources:

What’s Next for Science Communication? Promising directions and lingering distractions. Nisbet and Scheufele, 2009

Staying Afloat in the Rising Tide of Science Carl Zimmer, 2016 (with additional links at the end)

Ethics of Scientific Communication Under Uncertainty  Keohane, Lane and Oppenheimer, 2014.

Ethical Issues in Communicating Science  Garrett and Bird, 2000



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